Yearly Quests

In the first decade of the 2000s, the decision was made to commence tracking the movies I watched for the first time each year in a more formalized way, for that was the way of the serious film buffs I had encountered at the time. If I were to eventually consider myself a serious film buff, I needed to start approaching my quest to reach that status as they did.

With lists and stuff.

Tracking is essential, according to them. Or, what I can ascertain, because we don’t hang much.

The goal was not just “movies by the bulk”, for a directionless quest is not much of a quest at all. Also, I had some boxes I wanted to check as I was making the lists. As I contemplated what it meant to be a “film buff”, I decided that there were various factors involved. This included seeing a variety of movies, from different genres and from different years. It involves seeing movies deemed “good” by other critics – award winners especially – and those which were not nominated… including the ones critics have panned.

Each of the following links detail out – in varying levels of specificity – my yearly quests to see many movies for the first time.

2010 – Quest for 75
It’s the one that started them all. I thought it would be difficult to see 75 different movies that I had never seen before. I surpassed it. By quite a bit.

2011 – Drive for 66
I thought I would dial-back my goal and only go for 66, despite getting quite a bit more than that the year prior, but I ended up seeing even more than I did in 2010.

2012 – Film Quest ’12
I decided that I should start trying to see more older movies, so I set a goal to not only see a lot of movies I hadn’t before, but to make a considerable percentage of them be at least 20 years old.

2013 – Film Quest 2013
My highest output to date, I’m still impressed by the number of films I saw that year for the first time.

2014 – Film Quest 2014
My totals dropped a bit from the prior year, but I still hit a higher number in 2014 than in a few of the other years.

2015 – Film Quest 2015
I started trying to make a focused effort to see movies not only from decades past, but also in certain film series’. It happens more in later years, but I believe this is where it started.

2016 – Film Quest 2016
(more details later)

2017 – Film Quest 17
(more details later)

2018 –

(more details later)

2019 –

(more details later)

2020 –

(more details later)

2021 –

And here we are, at current!

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