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Reviewing my way through new movies in my yearly film quests isn’t all that I do here.

The Essentials

To appreciate what an actor, director, screen-writer, cinematographer or composer is capable of doing, there are a list of films which serve as great forms of representation to speak for them. In a given movie genre, there are films which stand out amongst the rest, showing the type of quality and diversity exist in that area of film history. As part of my life-long film quest, I like to expand my appreciation for movie history and share it with others, so as part of that, I’m sharing what I consider to be “the essential” films to watch.

The Seek Out List

There are some actors whose new work I’ll always make a point of going to see, and their past work – especially lesser known films – I will track down. I call this my “Seek Out” list, and it also includes directors. Listed below is the current state of the growing list, and on occasion, I’ll write-out a full article to explain why they’re on the list and point out some of their definitive work you need to see.

Christian Bale (link)

Marion Cotillard

David Fincher

Ryan Gosling

Tom Hardy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Christopher Nolan

Denzel Washington

Nearly There

Jay Baruchel

Mark Duplass

Anna Kendrick

Rebel Wilson

Making The Case

These are topics on which I feel strongly about wanting to change peoples minds. In some cases it’s a film that doesn’t get enough respect, and in others it’s an actor or director who deserves more credit than they’re getting. If it’s listed below and isn’t accompanied by a link, that means it’s a topic that I’m currently drafting up, and if you’re interested in that topic, you should contact me so we can work up the article in something of a round table fashion.

The Anti-Cruise Sentiment: Why Such Disdain for Entertaining Tom

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Of Undue Harshness

Two Faces Of Tom Hanks: The Phenom And The Screamer

You Might Have Missed It (article series)

Similar to Making The Case, these are films that I try to make the case for, but they’re specifically films which I think most movie viewers had missed along the way, despite the film’s awesomeness.

Real Genius (link)

The Unpopular Opinion

On occasion there is an actor or film which seems to be almost universally beloved by the masses, and I don’t share in the enjoyment. Sometimes I understand why others have the love, but in other cases it baffles me.

Ben Stiller’s Misguided Comedy Tour

The Will Ferrell Rollercoaster

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