Don’t Call It A Comeback

Should I start things off with an L.L. Cool J quote? I guess with the title of this update, I already did. For those not familiar with the classic 80s rap song, it continues “I’ve been here for years“.

This update isn’t a comeback, because I never left.

Sure, I haven’t posted any write-ups since before Thanksgiving, and it had been over six months for the write-up prior to that. Consistency hasn’t been something I’m good about, at least not when it comes to writing up movie reviews. It probably has something to do with being denied membership in the DC area film critic’s association.

But what I never stopped doing regularly is updating my list of movies I’ve watched this year. I’m currently somewhere around 45, depending when you’re reading this AND acknowledging that I might’ve forgotten to add one or two along the way… although I think I’ve done alright with that.

What I’m going to try to do is to provide some updates on what I’ve been watching. It won’t be straight-up reviews, but it will almost certainly include some sort of indication for what I thought of the movies, and a score for each one (because I still do that for every movie I’ve seen).

For the two or three of you who might read this, hopefully you enjoy what’s to come.


L.L. Cool J and Joan Cusack from the underappreciated TOYS.

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