A Bad Mom’s Christmas

Why Did I Watch It? The blu-ray from Netflix had been sitting next to my TV for two weeks and I needed to return it. Yes, I still get DVDs delivered to my house (two at a time, in fact), and yes, I purposefully had them deliver this one to my house around Christmas time. The first one was moderately entertaining, and I like watching Christmas movies in late December. even if I’m not expecting much from it (and I wasn’t).

What’s It About (two sentences or less)?  A few moms who decide they don’t want to be the perfect Parent-Teacher-Association participators go through the holiday season confronting their Mommy Issues. And they get rowdy. Again.

Thoughts? The first one wasn’t great, and this one wasn’t as good as that one. I did find it funny to view this as a prequel to Suicide Squad, as the same actor who plays Mila Kunis’ love interest (Jay Hernandez) here was my favorite character from Suicide Squad. I’m betting there won’t be a third Bad Moms movie anytime soon, and if there is, it certainly won’t be on my list of things to see in the theater, or anywhere other than free viewing. Unless it follows the moms’ moms, because I always enjoy Susan Sarandon.

Recommend It? If you loved the first one? Sure. But for everyone else, unless you want a somewhat stupid Christmas movie to watch during the holiday season, skip it.

Score: 60 out of 100

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