Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Why Did I Watch It? The fact that it was a choose-your-own-adventure MOVIE made it a “must watch”. Never before have I heard of a movie where the viewer can directly choose which way a scene plays out. Whether or not it ended up being a “good” movie, I was very interested in it simply for the fact that it was innovative. Everything under the Black Mirror label that I’ve seen has been very thought-provoking and of good quality, while often being unsettling.

What’s It About (two sentences or less)?  A young programmer becomes obsessed with adapting a choose-your-own-adventure book into a computer game, bringing to surface some of his personal “demons”. Netflix picks which scene to show next based on your choice selection as the movie runs.

Thoughts? The whole process is absolutely innovative, but mentally dizzying at times. I’m glad not to be forced back to the beginning of the movie when my selection results in a doomed path, but at times it’s difficult to keep track of how things progressed to that point. If it were a movie with a single path and no selections required, I don’t think I’d rate it very highly.

Recommend It? If the concept of a “choose your own adventure” movie sounds interesting, you should absolutely check it out. Any violence and/or gore is somewhat minimal and easy to look past, if that sort of thing bothers you. If you don’t like psychological thrillers, I’d probably recommend skipping this, though you’ll be missing out. Though it’s not of their quality, the mind-bending nature is similar to that of Memento and Inception.

Score: 70 out of 100


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