Sprint to the Finish 2018

Although it might seem like I’m not using this blog anymore, that’s not entirely accurate. I haven’t written a full review in a while, but I have been maintaining my yearly list of movies I’ve seen for the first time for 2018. The last time I failed to reach 100 films in a year was 2010, the first year in my Quest series, and as of November 1st, I had 32 movies left to go to reach the century mark. I knew that I hadn’t watched many film in October, but I hadn’t realized how far behind I put myself with poor viewing numbers in May and June.

Knowing that I need to average 1 movie every two days, I decided that instead of giving up, I’ll do everything I can to sprint to the finish and hit 100 films in 2018.

Thus far, a little over two weeks into the month, I’m right on track. I’ve added 9 more movies to the list over the span of 17 days, and I’m actually happy about the ones I’ve added this month. I added a couple movies from the 1980s, one of which helped me reach a milestone in my Ladder of Academy Awards Best Picture Winners (which I will explain in a separate post).

To keep myself more accountable, I’m going to try to post updates regularly to track my progress, even if I don’t end up writing full reviews for each. Whether I keep pace or not, I plan to at least enjoy the race as much as those guys on the beach in Chariots Of Fire.


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