After hearing some lackluster reviews of a movie I was previously excited to watch, my expectations for PASSENGERS dropped and I ended up not seeing it in theaters like I had originally planned. In the end, that’s probably a good thing, because when I got around to watching it on Blu-ray at home, I definitely enjoyed it. Expectations weren’t as high at that point, and there was little risk of me being letdown.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are easily two of the most charismatic and entertaining actors in Hollywood. Just watch the interviews they do and it’s unquestionable that these two like to have fun, and they seem to be able to get along with just about anybody. So it’s a bit of a shame that they get paired up in a space thriller where the opportunities to add levity and put their charismatic sides on display are few and far between.

The concept was an interesting one, taking a look at socio-economics at play and class structure as relates to passengers aboard a ship meant for colonization. It also looked at loneliness and a bit of ethics and morality.

The special effects were good, and that’s something to which everyone should be paying attention in a movie about space travel. It didn’t break any new ground, aside from probably the scene with Jennifer Lawrence swimming in a bubble above the pool, but I’d say that for the most part it looked as good or better than Guardians Of The Galaxy.

It might have worked better as a 1-hour segment on a show like The Twilight Zone, although, with the budget that was spent on the film, obviously that’s not economically feasible.

Alas, I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a sci-fi “thinker”.

My rating: 75 out of 100


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