Almost Nothing About Mary

When it comes to schadenfreude, I’m not sure I have limits. Laughing at the misfortune of others? SUCH an enjoyable time, and that’s why THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY holds a special place in my movie-loving heart.

What’s not to love about watching Ben Stiller’s Ted Stroehmann stumble his way through a series of unfortunate events that he had almost no control over, that he was barely a part in bringing about?

The guy has a very serious medical injury caused by an accident which occurs because someone misunderstood what he was doing. He rushed through something to stave off embarrasment, injured himself in the process, and then MOVIE GOLD! We get to laugh at his unfortunate injury, the indelicate responses of emergency responders, AND we get to laugh at the child-like nature of a mentally handicapped teenager? Why aren’t there more comedies like this?!

Then before he turns 30, he decides he wants to get back in touch with her, and as he does, the people involved who are helping him turn their back on him and try to win her affections as well. The private investigator, the pizza guy who pretends to be physically handicapped, even the roommate’s boyfriend tries to screw over Ted. GOLD!! He has a pre-date mishap which ends up in Cameron Diaz’s Mary character doing something cringe-worthy with bodily fluids because he doesn’t have a mirror, he gets hooked in the mouth by someone negligently fishing, and then the viewers get tricked into seeing an elderly woman’s naked body… HILARIOUS!

The somewhat happy ending is a drastic but not unexpected change in tone.

Oh those Farrelly Brothers, always the jokers. I should have known what to expect from a team-up between them and Ben Stiller. CLASSIC!

My rating: 4 out of 10

The rating is legit. The sarcasm with which I wrote a “glowing” review of a movie I honestly give a 4/10 is the portion to which April 1st lends its playfulness.


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