Jason Bourne

The Bourne series started off interesting, and then it went downhill. Granted, they had fun car chases and some quality hand-to-hand combat, but the story seemed like two movies worth of plot stretched into three films. The Bourne Legacy had some of the same popcorn moments, but again, there wasn’t anything spectacular about the story. Nothing groundbreaking. Just more retread of the same concepts.


JASON BOURNE had a few opportunities to make things interesting, but they didn’t capitalize on anything beyond what any of the other sequels did. In fact, it did less.

The car chases weren’t as interesting.

The fist-fights weren’t anywhere near as good.

The story hit an interesting note in the third act that would have made me really excited for a sequel, but in the final minute or two of the film, they flushed that potential down the toilet.

If they plan on another sequel, I probably won’t watch it in the sequel.

If they knew they had no intentions of another sequel, then they should’ve taken the concept from the third act and built that very early into the film. It could have added a new dynamic to things, other than just having another film where corrupt government officials try to track down Bourne and utilize an assassin to help their cause.

I would say JASON BOURNE was a huge let-down, but I didn’t have high hopes for it going into the film. It’s a shame they didn’t capitalize on some interesting concepts they toyed with, and that we won’t get the chance to see how that might’ve played out.

My rating: 60 out of 100

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