JUNGLE BOOK: Good, But Not For Kids


Given the advances in technology, it only makes sense that someone would want to remake THE JUNGLE BOOK. In fact, there were two in development at the same time. After seeing the version currently in theaters, it’s no surprise that the Warner Bros version stopped development. Surpassing what was captured here wouldn’t be possible.

The animals all look extremely realistic. I haven’t done the research to know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the technology developed for LIFE OF PI was utilized and expanded upon here. While the fact that they were talking made it obvious that these weren’t simply just trained animals, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the footage involved real animals.


The storyline was decent. I don’t have any strong memories about the old Disney version, so I can’t say whether or not it holds true to the beloved animated version, but things made sense. It’s not a very plausible premise, but these are talking animals, there’s only so much plausibility we’re looking for here.

The vocal talents were as good as you might expect, featuring a talented bunch. I especially enjoyed what Scarlett Johansson brought to the snake. That scene was really creepy, yet enticing, and it’s one of the things from the animated film that, from what I can remember of it, I’m surprised this version actually delivered upon without fumbling up.


The movie is not for younger audiences, though I’m sure ticket sales would say otherwise. I’m not sure how many parents are taking their kids for a second viewing, because as far as I’ve heard, kids under the age of 9 are finding it a bit too intense. The ones who understand what’s going on, anyway. I’m sure there are three year olds who don’t understand what they’re seeing and just like to see the animals, but that’s not really eyeing a potential target audience, because for the most part, a three year old could watch Captain America Civil War and enjoy all the bright colors and movement. The film had some dark themes and more than a few JUMP SCARE moments to it. My six year old won’t be seeing it for another couple of years.

It’s no surprise that THE JUNGLE BOOK is making tons of money and is getting good reviews from critics. It’s fairly realistic looking and it has a bit of heart, but I’m not interested in another viewing anytime in the next couple years, but I would absolutely check out a sequel at some point if / when they make one.

My rating: 75 out of 100


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