ZOOTOPIA: A Quality Animated Mystery

ZOOTOPIA is not a movie that sends over-powering signals of its awesomeness. It’s a great stew that pulls in a variety of elements that just leave the viewers satisfied.

At the heart of the film, they send a strong message to viewers as the protagonist doesn’t let their diminutive size and species dictate their ability to follow their dreams. Judy Hopps has wanted to stand up for the little guy and fight crime ever since she was a young bunny, but had been told she couldn’t because she was a bunny, and bunnies don’t become cops. They become farmers. But she works hard, gets to the academy, and then works harder to succeed there. After graduation, she finds the hurdle of acceptance as the next battle to fight as she moves to the big city to work her chosen vocation.

As a motivational tool, it serves viewers well, which makes it easy to recommend to families with young children. And the telling of the tale is crafted well enough that it’s not only tolerable for adults, but I actually enjoyed it.

As Judy Hopps works to prove she’s a capable member of the law enforcement community, she stumbles upon a multi-tiered mystery, and along with an unlikely partner, she seeks to get to the bottom of it. That’s right, it’s not just an inspirational animated mystery comedy, it’s also a buddy cop flick.


Between Ginnifer Goodwin’s voice-over work, the chemistry they create with Jason Bateman working one of the types of roles he excels, and the nicely crafted mystery, they’ve created a movie which deserves to be appreciated by a broad audience. And it’s funny, too. Not just for kids, but there’s plenty of wordplay and layered humor that had me laughing.

The art and animation are beautiful, as you might expect. And given the different climate zones the animals live in around Zootopia, they had a variety of environments to create. As far as the music goes, I don’t remember much about it, which is good because although it wasn’t a strong point of the film, it also didn’t detract from the plot with characters needing to break out into song every few minutes like what happens in most Disney movies.

Not only did I enjoy ZOOTOPIA, I truly hope they make a sequel. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they capitalize on its popularity to turn it into a series of mystery movies.  There’s plenty to work with, given all the species living in the big city. They could easily spoof some of the classics. I’ll be in line week 1 to see the sequel.

My rating: 87 out of 100



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