RATCHET & CLANK: Not A Clunker

To hear some of the reviews for RATCHET & CLANK, you’d think it was horrible, but it’s absolutely not.

Going into the film, I knew very little about the source material other than it was a video game series that I had never played. From the previews, I could tell that it focused on the space adventures of an animal of some sort, his robot pal, and weaponry. I could tell that although it’s an animated film, it probably wasn’t appropriate for my 6 year old son, and I was right.

Walking out of the theater, I was pleased with my viewing choice. There was plenty of decent action, a few interesting characters, and a plot with two decent twists. Nothing spectacular, but if it’s on television somewhere, I’d probably tune in. If a sequel comes along, I’ll definitely be buying a ticket. In fact, this is probably going to lead to checking out some of the video games.


When I saw some of the critics reactions, I was a bit disappointed. They weren’t giving it just an average grade, some of them were giving it considerably below average, and RATCHET & CLANK deserves far better than that. I have to think that some of those reactions might have been from individuals who were big fans of the video games and they were just hoping for something more true to the source material, or didn’t feel like someone was portrayed accurately. It’s hard to say, but as an outsider looking in, I didn’t have any of those hang-ups, and I enjoyed myself.

As a character, I enjoy Ratchet quite a bit. His laser grappling hook contraption and pointy ears makes me think of Batman, which is always a good thing. Having him be a hard-working mechanic who is often a little too ambitiousĀ for his own good can be a great trait to build upon for future flicks, especially because he has a decent father figure for a boss back at home when his adventures are over. Clank is a good sidekick, and I like how they took a moment to show why the two would have something of an emotional connection to one another based on their backgrounds.


I could use a bit more personality in the other members of the Galactic Rangers. They do a good job establishing Captain Qwark, and give us reason to be sympathetic to Elaris, but as far as Cora (Bella Thorne) and Brax are concerned, I didn’t really care much about what happened with them.

On the villain side of things, Chairman Drek and Doctor Nefarious were a good pairing, each bringing a strong-suit to the antagonists side. Sylvester Stallone did great work as their henchman, Victor Von Ion.


I can’t speak for people who loved the video games, but from my vantage point, RATCHET & CLANK deserves a watch. Too violent for the young viewers, I’d think any boy over the age of 7 is going to really enjoy it, and it’s not dumbed down. Adults should easily find it tolerable, if not enjoyable. Anyone who skips an opportunity to see it because they’ve heard someone speaking badly about it will be missing out on something enjoyable.

My rating: 77 out of 100

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