ANT-MAN: Marvel’s Most Fun Flick

When I heard that ANT-MAN was on the list of movies for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I thought they had lost their minds. I figured that a bright beginning to this journey had finally hit the point where they were now making mistakes, and I was disappointed. Then I remembered that I felt the same way when I heard about Guardians Of The Galaxy, which featured a talking raccoon and a tree monster which could only speak its own name.

I was equally wrong about both films, and for at least a few years, Marvel has earned the right to be given the benefit of the doubt where the MCU is concerned.


Paul Rudd is a funny guy, so I don’t know why I was so surprised when ANT-MAN was actually really funny. Rudd brought his dry wit, comedic timing and acting skills to the role and helped take a concept which could have been laughable and really humanized it while helping to accentuate the funny aspects. We laughed at Rudd’s character because he was making it fun, not because of any absurdity.

And by all accounts, it is a bit of an absurd concept. A suit that can shrink someone down to the size of an ant? And this guy, he’s going to be a super hero? Suuuuuuure.

But they did a great job of showing you how interesting the character can be, and how its powers not only allow Ant-Man to be a super hero, but also allow him to do things that most of the other characters in the MCU can’t do.

Michael Pena was a great addition to the cast. He’s one of those characters whose laughs-per-line ratio is fairly high, and I look forward to times when he opens his mouth to say just about anything, because he has some of the best lines in the film.


As Hank Pym, the creator of the Ant-Man suit, Michael Douglas does a great job. I never would’ve pegged him to be an aging scientist type, based on his previous roles, but it worked really well.

I was never a fan of LOST, so I wasn’t familiar with Evangeline Lilly prior to seeing her here. Yes, I know she was in one of the Lord Of The Rings / Hobbit franchises, but there were so many characters in that, she got lost in the shuffle for me. But as Hank Pym’s daughter, helping teach Rudd’s character how to fight and utilize the power of the suit, she does decent work. Based on how the film ends, I’m looking forward to seeing her character in a sequel.

Having seen him in House Of Cards (and possibly some other roles), it was nice to see Corey Stoll join the fray. I wasn’t familiar with the Yellowjacket character, but he does good work as a villain. It helps that the fight scenes between he and Ant-Man were really entertaining. As the parent of a young child, seeing Thomas The Train used as the backdrop (and a potential weapon) was great.

High marks. Looking forward to seeing quite a bit more with this character, in sequels and larger involvement elsewhere.

My Rating: 88 out of 100


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