Best and Worst of Paul Rudd

There’s no question in my mind that Paul Rudd is a talented comedic actor, but sometimes the roles he picks are terrible. It’s not a matter of whether or not he’s good in a movie, but rather I’d ask whether the movie itself is worth watching.

Here they are, in groups, but in no other particular order…

The Best of Paul Rudd

Clueless – Paul Rudd isn’t what makes Clueless a great movie, but he has a significant role in it, which makes it worth mentioning. It’s also the first film I remember seeing him in, which also makes it significant.


Anchorman Films – I didn’t particularly like the first Anchorman film, but most people did. I’m the opposite with the sequel, though, which I liked a lot more than the first but popular opinion has it as a lesser movie. (I’m not trying to be a contrarian, I promise!) They’re both entertaining films, and though Rudd isn’t the lead role, he’s more than just a bit-player.

40 Year Old Virgin – I almost didn’t include this, since his role borders on being too small, but I’ll list it anyway. Certainly a comedy classic from its decade.

I Love You, Man – Not the greatest flick, but it’s certainly a starring role for Rudd that lets him carry a flick. Sure, Jason Segel does his fair share of the work, but his somewhat absurd character only really works because Rudd is able to bridge the comedic aspects with the straight.

This is 40 – Some people didn’t like it, but I think the majority of them just can’t relate. While I’m not 40 yet, I’m closer to it than I am to 25, and I really appreciated it. I might actually like the concept of the film more than the execution, as making a film centering on the supporting roles in Knocked Up was a really good idea.


On The Fence

I can’t say I really enjoyed these, but I don’t dislike them enough to drop them into The Worst category…

Dinner For Schmucks – I originally had this as one of The Worst, but then I remember how entertaining Steve Carell was in a couple of the scenes. Not all of them, but enough to make it worth another watch. If I’d watch it a second time, it belongs on this list.


Admission – The chemistry between Rudd and Tina Fey saves the movie, which seems to promise an interesting twist, and then doesn’t deliver anything very well.

Over Her Dead Body – I feel like the concept and execution are decent enough that I’d watch it again if there weren’t anything else on. Paul Rudd, Eva Longoria, Lake Bell, Lindsay Sloane, Wendi McLendon-Covey… it’s got plenty of talent.


The Worst of Paul Rudd

I tried writing up something about each of the following, but if you’ve seen them, you know how bad they are…


How Do You Know?

Year One

Our Idiot Brother




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