The BLOB (1958) [FQ’14 #107]


Not a huge fan of horror films, I’ve avoided seeing THE BLOB until recently, and what I found was not what I was expecting. At all.

My in-laws take some of the blame for the fact that I finally watched this film. They moved to the town where THE BLOB was filmed, and I’m a sucker for visiting places that show up in movies. I had eaten at the Downingtown Diner, whose location is where the events of the film culminate, prior to even seeing the film.

The other reason I decided to see THE BLOB was because I found out that this was Steve McQueen’s first film was all the more reason to want to give it a viewing. I enjoyed his work in The Great Escape, which I somehow hadn’t seen until six weeks ago, and I’m making it a personal goal to get more familiar with his work.

What I was expecting from THE BLOB is probably what I would’ve seen had I gone for the 1988 version: gruesome special effects, nausea-inducing visuals, and cheesy dialogue. This film had none of that. What we found ourselves watching was a pleasant film about a couple of teenagers trying to convince a local police force that there was a dangerous creature to be dealt with, despite the fact that they had no proof of its existence.

The film using a Burt Bacharach song gave the impression right off the bat that I was in store for something different. I half-expected to mock the events as they transpired throughout the duration of the film, but I didn’t really get the opportunity. This wasn’t a “so bad it’s good” movie. It was just an enjoyable evening with a film I wish had a sequel.

Rating: 77 out of 100


One response to “The BLOB (1958) [FQ’14 #107]

  1. Yeah, the film was made for “$1.05”, so all they could do was try and get earnest performances. If you want to see more of the best of McQueen (in chronological order), get Soldier in the Rain, The Sand Pebbles, The Cincinnati Kid and Bullitt.

    The first is a comedy about the army done right after Great Escape, with Jackie Gleason. The second is his only Oscar nomination, as a sailor during the Boxer Rebellion. The third is about high stakes poker players. Intense and interesting performances, and great co-stars. The last one is his most famous action movie. He’s a cop. Famous car chases!!!

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