Losing Footing While Gaining Ground


My Film Quest 2014 was supposed to be different than the rest. I laid out a list of movies I wanted to make sure I saw this year, classics I had missed along the way. While I’ve seen a few of them the past 8 months, I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of them with two-thirds of the year left.

I’m enjoying the films I have been seeing (and I’m about to hit 90 for the year), but I want to delve back into the list… and I’m looking for recommendations on which items from my list to tackle next!.

I know that I still get hits every day, despite the fact that I haven’t done a review since June, and I’m hoping that some of my readers might consider responding to this post with a comment about some of the movies on my “challenge” list that they’ve seen. If you didn’t enjoy something on the list, let me know that. If you loved something, I absolutely want to hear about that too.

Here’s the list!

All About Eve
Blob, The (1958)
Children of Men
Easy Rider
Gone with the Wind
The Great Escape
The Lives Of Others
Magnificent Seven, The
My Neighbor Totoro
Night of the Living Dead
On The Waterfront
Once Upon a Time in the West
Rebel Without a Cause
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
The Third Man
Thing, The
Tree of Life, The

Alright, so what’s the word on what I have remaining?



2 responses to “Losing Footing While Gaining Ground

  1. Ambitious list, I like it!!! I’m always so bad at recommending something to add, most of the time b/c folks have seen everything I have to suggest! lol

    • Thanks Tom! I’ve made it through 90 films in 8 months, so I’m hoping I can get through a good portion of the ones I listed before year-end.

      I actually wasn’t clear enough when I wrote that post, so I had to edit it (and bolded some things). I’m not looking for more items to add to that list, rather I’m looking for people to recommend which movies FROM that list I should watch next! If you’ve seen any of the movies I listed, let me know which ones you either really liked, or which ones you really didn’t like (or both!)

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