X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) [FQ14 #64]

As the original X-Men trilogy and the “Origins” films merge timelines, can they avoid clutter and confusion?


Why I Saw It: I’ve seen and enjoyed each of the X-Men films they’ve produced, even the ones which didn’t get great ratings. They took a complicated-but-interesting concept from the comics and they’re bringing it to the screen. Why wouldn’t I want to watch?

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Memorable Performances

The performance from James McAvoy was probably the best I’ve ever seen from him. Peter Dinklage was really good as Bolivar Trask, though it’s not nearly as interesting a role as what he has in Tyrion Lannister on Game Of Thrones. I found Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to be as interesting as ever.

Favorite Parts

The movie having a portion of its scenes set in Washington D.C., it was a lot of fun for me to see them tear apart RFK Stadium, where I’ve seen more than a dozen or two sporting events. Even if they didn’t use a stadium with which I’m really familiar, the scenes involving the stadium would be interesting regardless of what stadium they used.



Easily the most fun part of the film was the inclusion of Quicksilver. The way they displayed his speed and put it on display and had him use it as his tool was incredibly cool. It was awesome to watch and used to great comedic effect at the same time. Going into the film, I didn’t know much about Quicksilver, nor did I really care, but that all changed here.

The Regrettable Aspects

There were quite a few characters in this film, and although I liked the way they were all melded into the plot without it feeling too cramped, they didn’t do a very good job with letting us know the character names. In fact, there are at least two characters who played a HIGHLY significant role in the action, and I still don’t know what their names are. It didn’t lead to much confusion, but it would’ve been nice for them to help us know who we’re watching.

I’ve been waiting to see Sentinels on the big screen for more than a decade, and I’ll admit to being disappointed. For the majority of the movie, they’re using an upgraded version of the Sentinels which aren’t even remotely similar to what I’ve seen in the past, be they in comic books, cartoons or video games. They were cool, but they didn’t really seem like Sentinels. The parts of the movie which do incorporate the Mark 1 version of the Sentinels, as seen in the picture below, weren’t long enough for me to really get my “fix” of the killing machines.


Would I watch it again?

I will look forward to watching this again and again on Blu-ray when it becomes part of my personal collection. Part of the reason this movie will make so much money is because of the rewatchability it holds.

To Whom Would I Recommend It?

To anyone who has seen any of the original X-Men trilogy AND X-Men Origins: First Class, I’d recommend seeing this film. Anything having to do with the two standalone Wolverine movies doesn’t really factor into whether I’d recommend Days Of Future Past.

Note: This was the 62nd film I’ve seen this year. For more information on what I’ve been up to, check out the page for my Film Quest 2014.


10 responses to “X-Men: Days Of Future Past (2014) [FQ14 #64]

  1. Good review. I liked the film, I mean I have some problems from a total comic nerd point of view but yeah its good.

    The visuals and 70’s timeline worked really well and the acting was really good. Quicksilver steals the show.

    This wasnt greatness but Apocalypse might 😀

    • Definitely looking forward to checking out your review! I love comic books, but I never got too many X-Men books, but I’m interested to hear what problems you had with it.

      Apocalypse should be amazing!

      • Cool, hope you like it. My views are pretty nit picky really, nothing that would affect anyone who hasn’t seen the comics. Apocalypse should be 😀

  2. Cool review man, I pretty much agree with your points and now that you brought up the point about the use of the Sentinels that is something I didn’t notice until now, about their look and how underwhelming they are when compared to the cartoon and comic book counterparts.

    That being said I really liked this film, it just felt good and corrected all the films before it in a good way and after all these years I’m glad to know that Bryan Singer still knows his stuff when it comes to these X-Men films.

    • Thanks man!

      The film definitely had a tough task, but I agree that they did it really well, combining everything! I know some people had issues with Xavier being back, but I just sorta ignored that aspect of things and I enjoyed it just like you did.

      I thought they handled the time travel stuff REALLY well!

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