Pacific Rim: Did I Miss Something? [FQ14 #46]

To the people who find PACIFIC RIM to be a great film, this article is primarily for you. Because of the hype you stirred up, I got my hopes up, and it was a big disappointment.

Typically I’m good at keeping my expectations leveled, and despite all the reviews I had read which claimed PACIFIC RIM to be among some peoples all-time favorites, I was still expecting JUST a GOOD movie. Not a great one. I wasn’t thinking this was going to be in my Top 50 all time, nor my Top 100. But I was expecting to enjoy it.

Instead, I was bored with it.


Giant Monster movies with have never been among my favorites, but I didn’t get bored with the likes of Godzilla or King Kong. Not with any of the variations. The same can be said for Transformers, Voltron and the Power Rangers. I could appreciate them for what they were, but I never sought them out, but they also kept me entertained.

My PACIFIC RIM Rating: 5.7 out of 10

There are undoubtedly some parts of PACIFIC RIM that I enjoyed.

  • The concept was extremely solid and showed a ton of promise.
  • The CGI work was incredible, some of the best I’ve ever seen (if not the VERY best).
  • Some of the action scenes were good, especially when Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori were doing hand-to-hand combat with their staffs.

But for each of the things I enjoyed, there’s a corresponding aspect that was a huge detractor from the entire film.

  • Not enough time was given to show just how effective the Jaegr robots could be. We heard about the history of destroying Kaiju, but nearly all the battles we saw featured the Kaiju handing the Jaeger their asses. They could’ve and should’ve spent another five minutes showing some Jaeger dominance once the program really started working.
  • Some council thinks it’s a good idea to replace a proven approach with a wall? REALLY? A wall?! That’s believable? These things come out of the Pacific Ocean, so you’re going to build walls to protect the borders of all those countries instead of building more Jaeger robots? Even when the people piloting the Jaeger robots are supposedly celebrated like “rockstars”? That would absolutely be a revenue generator.
  • Kaiju somehow can read each others minds? I can suspend my disbelief that the Jaeger project resulted in a technology whereby two people who have suited-up and are linked to these large robots can somehow read each others minds. I can even buy-in to the idea that Charlie Day can tap into a Kaiju brain and browse its memory. What serves as a roadblock for me is the idea that somehow, by tapping into the Kaiju brain, that somehow the other Kaiju, hundreds of miles away, somehow know he did that, and they somehow can track him down even after he’s disconnected.
  • The primary weapons utilized by the Jaeger pilots are essentially limited to hand-to-hand combat and occasionally some sort of cannon? The missiles that one of the Jaegers almost used would’ve been hugely helpful, especially when the battle is just beginning and the Kaiju is at a significant distance. And that wing-cutting sword? That would’ve been something I’d use from the very start of hand-to-hand combat. But NOPE, all of those weapons are essentially utilized as a last resort.
  • The Kaiju each look distinct, but the different Jaeger robots really don’t. If we’re supposed to care about the other Jaegers or their pilots, why not help differentiate their Jaegers? Sure, there might’ve been differences here and there, but not to the extent that it was easy to tell them apart during the first viewing.
  • Some of the dialogue, and its delivery, was terrible. About half of everything that Charlie Day says in the movie made me roll my eyes.


Were I to go back through the film during a second viewing, I’m sure there are quite a few more details I could provide, but that’s just it… why would I want to sit through another viewing of a movie that I got bored with the first time around? The whole point of this review isn’t meant to do deep analysis into the movie to explore the choices they made and better appreciate its finer parts. This review is to explain why I was extremely underwhelmed with it the same way a lot of other viewers probably will be during their first – and likely ONLY – viewing of PACIFIC RIM.

There’s very little chance I’ll be watching again.

5 responses to “Pacific Rim: Did I Miss Something? [FQ14 #46]

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  2. So loud, big and bloated, the way a summer blockbuster should be. However, the script was downright terrible and took everything down with it. Good review.

  3. Completely agree. I really couldn’t understand the hype when it first came out. The dialogue is woeful, so bad at times I actually laughed out loud and the acting is pretty poor too. The fight scenes were impressive tho

  4. Interesting review yo, but entirely justified. Personally I feel like the marketing wasn’t done in the right way and some were confused about the kind of film that it was before and aftert he film was released. Some loved it and some hated it. I personally really liked it. The film was about robots vs. monsters and that’s all I needed, the action and presentation was gorgeous and I had fun.

    • I don’t begrudge anyone from enjoying it, because it’s highly possible that I just wasn’t watching closely enough or I was taking it too seriously. I do agree that the presentation was some of the best CGI that I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the comment!

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