The Fitzgerald Family Christmas [FQ13 #135]

The seven Fitzgerald siblings must put aside their differences and discuss the possibility of their estranged father returning for the holidays.


Why I Saw It: I’m a fan of writer/director Ed Burns, so if he’s the driving force behind something and the film looks decent, I’m likely to see it.

Rating: 7.7 out of 10

Memorable Performances: There weren’t any that were great, but this was the first time I can remember seeing Kerry Bishe (ARGO, Scrubs New Class) in a role where she wasn’t just a worrier, and in that respect it was good to see what she was capable of doing in something different.

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’13:  

  • none

Favorite Parts: The interactions between the sisters and the youngest brother was a strong point. After their initial meeting, there was some decent chemistry between Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) and Ed Burns.

The Regrettable Aspects: It’s hard to find anything regrettable about the film, even though it wasn’t a great movie. Maybe some flashbacks could’ve helped drive the emotional aspects a bit more. They probably tried to cram too many characters into the movie as well, and although it came across alright, the film could benefit from taking one of the sisters out by perhaps merging two of the characters together.

Would I watch it again? Very possibly. It’s a film that I think my wife would enjoy, but it’s not a particularly strong “feel good” movie, so I’m not going to be in a rush to watch it a second time.

To Whom Would I Recommend It?  Probably anyone with more than two siblings.

Other Recommendations:

– FAMILY STONE – This is a very similar film in a lot of ways, though it has a bit more comedy in it.

A VERY BRADY CHRISTMAS – A similar situation in terms of being a Christmas movie dealing with lots of siblings.

– THE BROTHERS McMULLIN – Another Ed Burns helmed film where you get a sense of family and brotherhood.

If you’ve got recommendations for alternatives to THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS, or for other similar films, let me know!


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