Six-Pack: 2013 #70 thru 75

With the work I’m doing on Half Popped Reviews, I’ve fallen behind on writing reviews for the movies I’ve seen for Film Quest 2013. In fact, I’m way behind. Film 70 needs to be reviewed next, and I saw that back in June. So instead of writing reviews for everything, I’m going to start trying to digest them into six-film packs, setting aside films that deserve a full review. This will at least make it possible to get through everything before 2014 begins.

If there’s anything you think I could do differently for these six-pack digests, let me know through a comment!

#70: “Four Lions”

A dark comedy about some guys who decide they want to try to become Jihadists? The concept was interesting enough, and while it had its moments, it wasn’t a classic like it could’ve been. I’ll definitely be checking out more from these guys in the future. [77/100]

July 2013


#71:  “Ruby Sparks”

Interesting premise, and for the majority of the film it was really creative and very entertaining, but it lacked some of the charm and chemistry I was expecting. At times it fell a bit flat, and the ending was slightly disappointing and a bit illogical. I’d absolutely recommend it, though. [80/100]

#72: “The Watch”

I don’t understand all the hatred and negativity I hear from people about this film. It wasn’t the greatest comedy of all time, but all of the characters were interesting, the special effects were good, there were plenty of laughs. I don’t know what else people were expecting from a Ben Stiller movie. I absolutely enjoyed this more than a lot of things he has been in, and if it’s on tv sometime when I’m flipping through, I’d stop and watch it. [70/100]

#73: “Willow”

Not my favorite film on this list, but it wasn’t bad. In terms of Sword & Sorcery movies, it’s not even the best I’ve seen from that genre this year. Definitely a classic, and a fun performance from Val Kilmer. [63/100]

#74: “Paper Man”

Another fun little gem I found by browsing through the offerings on Netflix Instant. For a movie with Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds (in superhero tights, nevertheless), Kieran Culkin, Hunter Parrish and Lisa Kudrow, I’m surprised at how little notice this film’s gotten. I’d absolutely recommend it, though expectations should be lowered prior to viewing, because it’s good, not great. [80/100]

#75: “Princess Mononoke”

When I told Netflix to deliver it to me, this was a Top 10 ranked film on my Half Popped Reviews website. By the time I got it, watched it and rated it, a few other people weighed in, and now it’s hovering right around 80%, which is certainly higher than I think it deserves. I wouldn’t by any means say it’s a “must see” film, though if you want to round-out your perspective on anime, you should probably give it a chance. Just don’t have high expectations. [60/100]

One response to “Six-Pack: 2013 #70 thru 75

  1. I’ve heard about Paperman (It’s on my list), but haven’t heard of anyone that’s actually seen it until now. Willow’s a favorite, though it’s been a favorite since childhood so there’s some nostalgia goggles. Interesting mix.

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