Pick 5 Profile: Ben Affleck

This could very easily be part of the Unpopular Opinion series, but instead, I’m starting this as a new feature of quick-hits articles. Each day, I’ll find an actor or director and pick five of their films – be they good or bad – and share my perspective.

Today’s selection is Ben Affleck, whom I’ve chosen for two reasons:

– he’s a somewhat polarizing figure in Hollywood who does a mix of big budget films and smart independent films

– it’s his birthday today, and he was atop the list on IMDB

So here we are, my thoughts on five of his films:

1 – Good Will Hunting – (98 / 100) – Easily my favorite of his films, and certainly deserving of being atop the list. He was in a perfect spot as a performer in the supporting role. His speech about what he hopes for Will’s future, and it’s corresponding scene at the end of the film, were great. I don’t know if Casey Affleck would’ve had the same experience in Hollywood if he weren’t in Good Will Hunting, but he was in the film, and it’s likely he got the role because Ben Affleck co-wrote the film.

2 – The Town – (88 / 100) – One of my favorite crime dramas, Affleck was decent in his performance, but also did a good job with the directing. What I just mentioned also applies to Argo (88 / 100). Almost as good was Gone Baby Gone (87 / 100), but it doesn’t totally fit in with these two movies because Ben Affleck only directed it… though he did a good job.

3 – Daredevil – (45 / 100) – I didn’t believe Affleck’s performance – as a blind man (he just happens to pick Jennifer Garner?), as an athlete (his running looked awkward), lawyer or a masked crime-fighter. I’m just glad the movie failed, because otherwise he might’ve been tapped to take similar roles and then we’d miss out on him being in things like the next film on the list…

4 – Hollywoodland – (82 / 100) – As a big fan of Superman, but having never seen the performances of George Reeve, it was fun to see a movie about the man whose story begins the legend of the Superman Curse. Affleck did a really good job in the role.


5 – Dogma – (78 / 100) – I really enjoyed the evil Affleck and his interactions with Matt Damon. Very entertaining film with too many fun pieces to miss.

What are your thoughts on those movies, or anything I left off the list?


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