Katy Perry: Part Of Me [Review 50 for FQ13]


Why I Saw It: For every two or three really good movies I watch, I also end up seeing a movie which is on the “lighter” side of entertainment. Katy Perry is one of the more intriguing celebrities of my lifetime thus far, and if you write her off as just being a bubble-gum pop star, you’re completely misjudging her. When you combine her family background, her off-beat sense of style and the content of (at least half of) her songs, all told, that’s a person I want to know more about. Not to mention the fact that she’s gorgeous and seems to almost want to be a living cartoon. Plus, I dig the alternatively-colored hair.


What Was It About?  “This film tells the story of the trajectory of Katy’s career, from her beginnings as gospel singer Katheryn Hudson to the present day as pop singer and global superstar Katy Perry, bearing testimony from Katy about her childhood, talking about the Teenage Dream era, with scenes from backstage of her last world tour while trying to take time to resolve personal problems, including her divorce from English comedian Russell Brand.” (from Wikipedia)

My Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Favorite Parts: This documentary actually had a lot more heart to it than I was expecting. I’m very familiar with Katy Perry, having watched one of those “Behind The Music”-style specials on her already, but this documentary took things to new places. We got to see the ups and downs of her relationship with Russell Brand. We got to see her interact with her grandmother and her parents, both before she was famous and now. There were plenty of interactions between Katy and her sister, including a very strong scene where she’s helping her sister with wedding dresses (don’t worry, it wasn’t TOO long of a scene). We got to see some of her darker moments, which absolutely didn’t seem contrived.

The Regrettable Aspects: There have been plenty of reports that Katy Perry likes to go out and party with other celebrities, such as Rihanna, and this documentary didn’t capture any of that, nor did it give us a strong-enough feel for what life is like on the road for Katy. That last part would have made the narrative stronger, as one of the film’s focal points was on how the travel back and forth between her tour and trying to visit her husband took its toll on Katy. And yet, I don’t recall seeing much in the way of travel to different venues or hotel rooms or a tour bus or anything like that. It would have also been nice to see some scenes where she’s trying out more of the gadgets they use in her show and in music videos – the part of her “act” which takes her into the “surreal”.


Would I watch it again? If I saw it was on television, I’d probably tune in if there wasn’t anything else on. I don’t imagine I’d ever consider buying or renting the DVD.

To Whom Would I Recommend It?  I’d recommend it to anyone who has any opinion of Katy Perry, because I think it gives a good insight into who she is and what she has been through to obtain her current level of success.

Other Recommendations:

Katy Perry’s E! True Hollywood Behind The Music Story… or whatever they call it these days – I came into this film knowing a bit about Katy Perry’s background already, and it was because of one of the documentary type shows on E! or VH1 or MTV or whatever channel it was that I saw it on. I don’t know that the one I saw is available to rent or own through any outlet, but if you catch it, watching it can help round out the understanding of just what she has been through.

NEVER SAY NEVER – Okay, so I hate to even have to write Justin Bieber’s name, but this documentary is a really good look at the early years of a prodigy. It absolutely gives you an idea for why he’s so popular, and shows that he does have some considerable talent.

If you’ve got recommendations for alternatives to KATY PERRY: PART OF ME, or for other similar films, let me know!



2 responses to “Katy Perry: Part Of Me [Review 50 for FQ13]

  1. Good review. I surprisingly didn’t mind this one as much as others. It’s a tad corny and over-dramatic at times, but it allowed me to gain as much respect for a musician like Perry as I can. Not saying much, but still worth mentioning.

    • I can agree with you to some degree about it being over-dramatic, but I think it’s also a good perspective to provide – showing us that not everything is great in the lives of entertainers, and sometimes they get on stage even when they REALLY don’t feel like it.

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