Paul Blart: Mall Cop [Review 42 for FQ13]


Why I Saw It: It was on television one afternoon, and at one point, seeing the trailers, it looked like it wouldn’t be incredibly terrible.

What Was It About?  “When a shopping mall is overtaken by a gang of organized crooks, it’s up to the a mild-mannered security guard to save the day.

Rating: 7.3 out of 10

Memorable Performances: This might be my favorite Kevin James movie role, though I haven’t seen Here Comes The Boom yet, and I don’t really consider the Chuck & Larry movie to be much competition.

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’13:  

  • none

Jayma_Mays_photoFavorite Parts: I was amused by the stuff with the segway, and the awkward interactions Paul Blart has with his love interest, the character portrayed by the lovely Jayma Mays. Some of the ways Blart stops the thug henchmen in the mall were clever.

The Regrettable Aspects: The film was heavily relying on the Paul Blart character for laughs, and that’s not a good formula for any comedy. Add a couple funny side characters (or improve the ones who are already there) and the film improves significantly. The fact that the last 10 minutes of the film is somewhat humorless? I’d probably change that, too.

Would I watch it again? I might sit through parts of it again if by chance it showed up on my television, though I won’t be renting it or seeking out another opportunity.

To Whom Would I Recommend It?  If somehow the movie came up in conversation, and someone derided it without having seen it, I’d probably recommend that they give it a chance, because it’s really not as bad as people have mentioned.

Other Recommendations:

OBSERVE AND REPORT – Not that I’ve seen it, because I haven’t, but this is one of those times where Hollywood takes a concept and has two movies released with a similar premise at roughly the same time. This one has Seth Rogen, Ray Liotta, Michael Pena, Anna Faris and Aziz Ansari in its cast, so it’s at least worth your consideration.

ZOOKEEPER – Another one that I’ll recommend without actually having seen. If you enjoyed Paul Blart: Mall Cop, then why not check out another film written by Nick Bakay starring Kevin James?

If you’ve got recommendations for alternatives to PAUL BLART: MALL COP (because I’m at wit’s end), or for other similar films, let me know!

Next up, one of the weirdest films I’ve ever seen…
This Must Be The Place

One response to “Paul Blart: Mall Cop [Review 42 for FQ13]

  1. It was a really dumb movie, but it was pleasant enough for me so I can’t say I was too angered by it or anything. Nice review.

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