Captain America Winter Soldier Details Emerge – Hayley Atwell Returns


The upcoming film CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER got quite a casting change recently, according to a person with ties to a project somewhere. Due to scheduling conflicts for Chris Evans, production on the sequel to THE FIRST AVENGER was going to be delayed, thus delaying all the follow-ups to MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS.

Producers have decided to go in a different direction, involving  Matt Salinger in the lead role, which he will reprise from the 1990 live-action Captain America film.

Part of the decision was made due to the involvement of Hayley Atwell. The Brit beauty was reportedly not interested in working with Chris Evans on the sequel, but  she is reportedly “excited, on the precipice of ‘hot and bothered'” by the news of the re-casting.

Word is that the return to Marvel’s 1990’s cinema isn’t stopping with Salinger. Dolph Lundgren is reportedly slipping back into the iconic skull-emblazen tshirt to portray The Punisher once again, who is likely to be a villain for at least the first portion of WINTER SOLDIER.

We will report more details  as we hear them throughout the day (April 1st, that is). We also heard something about The Fantastic Four…

This is/was an April Fool’s Day joke, by the way.

But hopefully you knew that, and enjoyed it anyway.


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