Tiny Furniture [FQ13 Review 16]

Sometimes rough drafts shouldn’t be made available for the public at large, and that’s how this film felt.

Tiny Furniture

Why I Saw It: I was significantly more entertained by the HBO series GIRLS than I thought I would be, and because this is another project by Lena Dunham.

What Was It About?  “A recent college grad who returns home while she tries to figure out what to do with her life.

Rating: 3.8 out of 10

Memorable Performances: I hope to somehow forget everything involved with this movie, and perhaps if GIRLS turns out to be a good show for more than two seasons, I will, but otherwise I’ll probably always link Lena Dunham to her performance in this film.

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’13:  

  • none

Favorite Parts: Though I didn’t like the movie as a whole, I did like:

  • the absurd wall of cabinets and how her mom refers to them
  • the absurdity of her mom’s job and how that plays into the plotline

The Regrettable Aspects: Take your pick from the following:

  • the sex scene in a construction site inside would-be sewer pipe
  • Lena Dunham walking around half-naked for a lot of the film
  • the fact that she tries to make about five statements about life at that age, and the best one gets almost no focus (the college roommate who is moving to New York to be her future roommate)

Would I watch it again? I really, really hope not.

To Whom Would I Recommend It?  To anyone who likes the show GIRLS and thinks that Lena Dunham can do no wrong. I’d like to hear them explain how this wasn’t a terrible movie. I’m open-minded, but I’m doubting that I’ll have anyone with an overly positive review of TINY FURNITURE.

Other Recommendations:

GIRLS – if for no other reason than for people to see that Lena Dunham IS talented, and this is what a more advanced version of TINY FURNITURE could feel like.

Swingers – because THAT is how you do a coming-of-age film about what it’s like to search for a career while dealing with failed relationships.

As always, if you have any general comments or recommendations for alternatives to TINY FURNITURE, I’d love to hear from you!


picard facepalm meme 4chan lol wtf

Picard is disappointed I even watched this film


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