Hangover 3 Trailer Provides Epic Feel

Don’t misunderstand where I’m coming from:

  • I enjoyed Hangover Part I
  • I didn’t think Hangover Part I was a classic like many made it out to be. It’s entertaining, but it’s not on that level.
  • Hangover Part II seemed like a retread of the first installment, just set in a different place. I have a mild interest in seeing it, but I haven’t yet.

Keeping that in mind, hopefully you don’t think I’m just a fanboy over-selling something when I say that the “official teaser” provided by Warner Bros sets up an epic feel for The Hangover Part III.

See for yourself, but from the trailer below, I get the idea that this will be a far superior film to its predecessors in the series, though perhaps not considered by the masses to be as funny.

John Goodman. No face tattoos. No insane haircuts. A funeral. Prison riots. Giraffe decapitation. Melissa McCarthy.

I think they’ve raised the bar.



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