Fun Times on Facebook and Twitter

If fun times are had and you’re not aware of it, does that make it any less fun? To an extent, yes.

I’d like to have contests. I’d like to let you know about the great reviews that other movie reviewers have written. I’d like to have discussions about what certain actors best roles are, and which movies are the best options to show off the talents of a particular director or cinematographer.

But if there’s not enough people to join in on the discussion, then it’s a fail.

Is this a plea to get you to follow my efforts on Twitter and give my page a LIKE on Facebook? I guess it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not deserving.

That’s where you’ll find some things on Facebook. When I say “some” things, it’s because I have quite a few other things planned, but it helps to motivate me (and the other people who are interested in getting involved) if there’s an audience with a few extra active participants.

Facebook Page:

The more participants we’ve got, the better the odds that we can give away some fun prizes like free DVDs and signed posters and whatever else.  If we get enough people involved, then movie studios (big and small) will be more likely to give us free swag to give to fans.

Don’t laugh off the possibilities of that happening, because it’s already happening for my efforts on the main GuysNation site.

Twitter is another good place to follow GuysNation Movies, of which this blog is a subset. We’ve already got twice as many people following us on Twitter as we do LIKEs on Facebook… and those stats COMBINED aren’t even one-TENTH as many followers as the main GuysNation Twitter feed has.

Twitter feed: @GNMovies

Just so happens that if you engage us in conversation on Twitter, we will give you a Follow back.

Get involved! Spread the word! LIKE! FOLLOW! Enjoy!


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