Review 88 – Star Treak II: The Wrath Of Khan


Next time you decide to exile someone, track where you send them so you can make sure you don’t send a team of research scientists to that place.

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Why I Saw It: After seeing Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I actually wasn’t too keen in seeing this sequel, but after talking to a good friend of mine who is a huge fan of all things Star Trek, I decided to watch this film – and the two which follow it.

What Was It About? Captains Kirk and Spock face the wrath of a vengeance-seeking tyrant whom they exiled over a decade prior, while The Federation’s project “Genesis” becomes a potential weapon.

Rating: 7.8 out of 10

Memorable Performances: Towards the end, there’s a scene with Spock that I won’t probably forget, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that Leonard Nemoy did a GREAT job throughout the film.

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’12:  

  • none

The Regrettable Aspects: The film doesn’t necessarily set up very well how Genesis could be used as a weapon. I can understand why they wouldn’t want someone else having it, but I didn’t get the idea that it could destroy a planet. Perhaps I missed something, but details like that are probably worth repeating.

Would I watch it again? Probably not until I watch the Star Trek movies with my son, who’s not quite 3 years old yet, so it’ll be a while.

To Whom Would I Recommend It? Any science fiction fans, even if they didn’t like the first movie in the series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Next up, Magic Mike.

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