Review 66 – End Of Watch


Brotherhood is often thicker than blood.

End Of Watch

Why I Saw It: I’m a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick, and I was hearing good things about End Of Watch. The opportunity presented itself, so I dove right in to check it out.

Memorable Performances: The chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena was the most memorable aspect of this film. To a lesser extent, Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick were good on screen together as well, but there was considerably less interaction between those two characters than the aforementioned duo.

The Regrettable Aspects: The only thing I’d probably change about this film, and it’s very minor, would be to include a little more background on the individuals who are involved in the film’s climax.

Would I watch it again? It’s not the type of movie that I would watch at the drop of a hat due to how intense it is at certain points, but I’d watch it again at some point and I’d absolutely recommend it to people who would be interested in a gritty, no frills police drama with a couple scenes of graphic violence.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’12:  

  • Best Actor – Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Best Actor – Michael Pena

Lastly, I’m also looking into different formats for my reviews, so any suggestions / critiques are welcomed.

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