In My Defense: Magic Mike


Before the write-ups for my Film Quest 12 series are complete, you’ll see a review of Magic Mike. Some of you may look sideways at my viewing of a film which most guys have perhaps distanced themselves from entirely. If you’ll allow me a few moments, I’ll explain why I was not only willing to view this movie, but also why a heterosexual male such as myself was actually interested in seeing it.

And no, I’m not bi-curious.

Director Steven Sodebergh

Having seen seven of Sodebergh’s films already, I can tell you that he’s talented and he typically presents things in a fun, stylized manner. His movies often aren’t as straight-forward as a two-line plot description or a two minute trailer might have you believe. There’s bound to be as much beneath the surface of Magic Mike as there was in the other films I’ve enjoyed – and while not all of those seven films are favorites of mine, I did enjoy each of them to a certain degree. Not familiar with the name? Here’s the list of seven Steven Sodebergh films I’ve seen:

  • Out Of Sight
  • Traffic
  • Ocean’s Eleven
  • Ocean’s Twelve
  • Ocean’s Thirteen
  • The Informant! (the punctuation belongs to the title, not any sort of recommendation on my part)
  • Haywire

As for the ones I’m interested in seeing but have yet to view:

  • Contagion
  • Erin Brockovich
  • The Limey
  • Solaris
  • Sex, Lies And Videotape

Olivia Munn

Whether you’re a guy who thinks she’s hot or knows she’s hot, it’s undeniable that Olivia Munn is an attractive woman, but she’s also funny. This film gives the potential to see more of her dramatic capabilities on display. Not interested in that? I’ve heard she’s naked in the film, so there’s that.

Matthew Bomer

Fans of USA Network’s WHITE COLLAR will tell you that Bomer is more than just a charismatic actor with a chiseled jawline. His work on the show isn’t award-winning, but it’s far better than adequate. Anytime a main aspect of a character’s personality is that they have to use their charm to their advantage, a show or movie runs the risk of having that character lose their sympathetic nature if the casting isn’t right. Guys (and some women) simply won’t root for a character who comes across too arrogant, smug or (as the kids say) “douchey”. Bomer finds a way to avoid those pitfalls, not just in WHITE COLLAR, but also in a similar role in CHUCK (where he also had the unfortunate task of portraying a former boyfriend to Sarah, whom we’re supposed to believe should ultimately end up with the show’s titular protagonist). Also to be noted is his work in the film IN TIME, where he was a pivotal character despite not having significant on-screen time. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not quite on my “seek out” list yet, but he’s got potential.

Alex Pettyfer

One of the stronger performances from the aforementioned film IN TIME was that of Pettyfer’s, to the point where I wanted to see a few more of his films to decide whether he belongs on my “seek out” list.  Though not an excellent movie by any stretch of the imagination, Pettyfer did well in I AM NUMBER FOUR. I’m yet to see BEASTLY, though it’s on my list.

Kevin Nash

As a long-time fan of professional wrestling, I’m certainly interested to see what Kevin Nash can do in a serious film with a talented director. I’ve seen him in other films, and I thought he did a better job in Thomas Jane’s PUNISHER than John Travolta did. Normally he wouldn’t be a drawing point to a film, but my interest arises from having heard that he actually performs quite admirably.

But now I’ve gone and told you that I’m a long-time fan of professional wrestling, so you’re thinking to yourself that I’m perfectly comfortable watching guys strut around in very little clothing. Desensitized as charged.

Feedback Welcomed

If you’ve seen Magic Mike, I’d be interested to hear what you think about it. I’d also be interested to hear what you think of the names I mentioned above in the article.

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