Review 44 – The Help

It’s a flick full of chicks but certainly not a chick flick. It’s a flick about humanity, and a darn good flick at that.

The Help

Why I Saw It: I’m trying to see as many Best Picture nominees as possible, and when George Clooney gives something his approval, I’m willing to give it a shot. Not only did I want to get better acquainted with Viola Davis, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding Jessica Chastain.

Memorable Performances: The hype surrounding Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer was no joke. And Bryce Dallas Howard amazed me, too. Given the above-average nature of her performance and the fact that she was in just about every scene, obviously Emma Stone’s performance was memorable as well.

The Regrettable Aspects: I can’t think of any.

Would I watch it again? If any of my friends or family wanted to watch it and I was around, I’d watch it again. I probably wouldn’t seek it out, but it was enjoyable enough to sit through again.

Rating: 8.3 out of 10
This is to say nothing bad about the quality of the film, with respect to acting or writing, but the score factors in the entertainment value and whether I’d watch it again.

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’12:  

  • Best Actress – Viola Davis
  • Best Supporting Actress – Octavia Spencer
  • Best Supporting Actress – Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Best Supporting Actress – Jessica Chastain

Lastly, I’m also looking into different formats for my reviews, because quite honestly the long versions with paragraphs won’t cut it… and most people just skim through them anyway. Suggestions / critiques welcomed.


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