Review 40 – Midnight In Paris

Era-jumping writers and the women who just might be in love with them. That would be my tag-line for Midnight In Paris.

Why I Saw It: I have a list, mentally, of actors whose movies I seek out. This film had more than two of them in key roles, so it was a no-brainer. I’ve been a big fan of Owen Wilson since my first viewing of Bottle Rocket back in 1997, and Marion Cotillard ascended to her “seek out” status with combined efforts from Public Enemies, Inception and Nine. Admittedly, Rachel McAdams has nearly risen to those heights given her roles in (the under-appreciated) Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone, Morning Glory and a couple other things. And no, I haven’t seen The Notebook… though Ryan Gosling is already on the “seek out” list, so it’s probably coming up at some point.

Memorable Performances: Two years from now, aside from Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard and (to a much lesser extent) Rachel McAdams, the only person whose performance I might remember from this film would be Kathy Bates.

The Regrettable Aspects: Marion Cotillard is much more attractive than she looked in this film, and Rachel McAdams didn’t have much on-screen time.

Would I watch it again? If by some chance a friend of mine decides they want to watch all of the Best Picture candidates from a given year, or those directed by Woody Allen, I’d watch it again, but I certainly won’t seek it out.

To Whom Would I Recommend It? Anyone interested in history, the 1920’s, subtle Woody Allen movies or literature.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’12:

  • Best Actor – Owen Wilson
  • Best Supporting Actress – Marion Cotillard
  • Best Supporting Actress – Kathy Bates

2 responses to “Review 40 – Midnight In Paris

  1. It’s a goofy, slightly quirky movie that shows Allen at the top of his screenwriting game. Sadly, it didn’t last as long with To Rome with Love that came-out this year, but at least he had a bit of wonder with this one. Good review man.

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