Review 39 – Batman: Year One

I’ve been switching things up a little bit here. Instead of grouping the reviews into six packs, I’ll review them individually. Unlike back at GuysNation, I don’t have to be concerned with cluttering up the site with dozens of reviews, because that’s the point of this site.

I’m also looking into different formats for my reviews, because quite honestly the long versions with paragraphs won’t cut it… and most people just skim through them anyway.

Suggestions / critiques welcomed.

Batman: Year One

Very Brief, Non-Spoiler Synopsis: Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon both show up in Gotham City and learn how to deal with the crime and corruption.

Favorite Performance: Jim Gordon’s portrayal and voice-over were the only enjoyable parts of this movie for me.

Regrettable: Batman’s portrayal. I realize he had to figure out how to be a hero, but the story just didn’t work very well for me, regardless of the extent to which they followed (or didn’t follow) the graphic novel. To me, Kevin Conroy’s voice IS the voice of Bruce Wayne, and listening to someone else do that voice took away from the enjoyment as well.

Would I watch it again? If someone told me that I had completely misjudged the film, and I got another chance to read the graphic novel first, I’d probably watch it again, but I’d rather not. And that says something, because I’m a big fan of the Batman character.

Rating: 3.5 out of 10

Potential Nominations for Film Quest ’12:  none

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