Box Office Consideration for November 9th Weekend 2012

Not that I’ll actually get to the box office for the November 9th weekend here in 2012, but if I could, here are my initial impressions about the options.

Already In Theaters

Wreck-It Ralph

This might actually be the film that gets me to go to the movies, because:

  • I’m an old school video game fan (not because it’s cool to be old school, but because I’m getting old and I don’t spend money on new games)
  • I’m hanging out with my 15 year old nephew this weekend
  • It looks awesome

If I don’t see it in the theater (my nephew might not want to), I’ll definitely have it near the top of my Netflix queue.


If my nephew’s unable to hang out, but somehow I manage to get a babysitter to look after my son, this would be the movie that my wife and I would go see. On such short notice, none of our friends would be able to show up, so other options take a backseat to wait for another time. Not that I envision having any measure of success in finding a babysitter, either.

I’ve heard that this film is not only true to history, but it’s actually fairly entertaining (read: humorous) despite the trailers making it seem overly tense. Ben Affleck keeps providing evidence that he knows what he’s doing.


For the first part of the trailer, when it looks like Denzell Washington is simply portraying a hero, I had very low interest in this movie, similar to my disinterest in the runaway train flick from a few years back. But after seeing the secondary point of tension in this film (Is he the Hero or is he the Cause?) it suddenly hopped up into the “must see” category. Not that I think it’ll rate above an 8 with me, but I doubt it falls below a 7.  No chance it gets priority above Argo, though, and even if I went to the theater on my own, I’d probably wait to see it with my wife.


I know it has been out a while, but if I were going to the movies by myself, this would easily be my top pick to see. I’m not predicting this will happen, but given what I’ve seen, Looper could quite possibly end up scoring above an 8.75, which would make it well worth seeing in the theater.


The Man with the Iron Fists – definite rental (though I’ll definitely watch)

Here Comes The Boom – if everything else were sold out, I might see this one, but I’d probably rather just get popcorn, head back home and watch something from Netflix Instant and wait for it to hit DVD.

Fun Size – I don’t know much about it, but what I do know about it makes it sound interesting, although it might be best just to hold off until next Halloween and catch it for free on Instant, because this just seems like the kind of movie that will end up there.

Cloud Atlas – until I hear some decent reviews, I’ve got moderately low interest

Taken 2 – might skip this all together. Seriously, Liam Neeson and his family need to consider taking some low key, domestic vacations from now on.

New Releases


I mentioned above that it’s probably too late to coordinate things with friends to all see something at the movies, and this is what we’d see. I’m a big fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond, and I’ve heard this is one of the best Bond films of all time. I’ll see this one before Christmas.


Daniel Day-Lewis. Steven Speilberg. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A very realistic portrayal of one of the most discussed (and revered) Presidents in the history of this nation? Looks great. It’s not in wide release this weekend, and for pure entertainment value, it’s not even in the Top 5 out of the movies listed above.


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