Film Quest 12 Has Begun… 10 Months Ago

You’re 10 months behind, but I’ll do my best to help you catch up.

For each of the past three years, I set a goal for the number of films I wanted to see in that year which I had never seen before and do reviews for them. 2012 is no different. I have been tracking the films I’ve watched each of those years, this is my time establishing a blog expressly dedicated to these reviews. I do run a much larger site where I’ve been posting my reviews (, but I’ve been posting them six at a time, not wanting to clutter that site with my reviews. Especially because I don’t typically see a movie the week that it hits theater, which is primarily when people want to read reviews. I’ve got three or four other guys who do that for GuysNation, so it’s not necessarily an issue.

Two other side-goals I have for this quest:

– see plenty of films which were nominated for Best Picture for either the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes. The more I learn about it, I’m considering doing the analysis for the Screen Actors Guild Awards… but you get the idea

– catch films which were released more than 20 years ago

If you wonder about my movie choice options or wonder why certain chick flicks are being reviewed for a GUYS site, just realize that in the course of your life, a woman might ask you to watch one of those films, and now you’ll know what you’re in store for. Even if that’s not going to be the case for you, then either skip those reviews or commiserate with me.

I’ve also got a site setup where guys can submit their movie reviews and so people can have one place to go to see lists of movies and average rankings of them, but more on that later….

For now, I’m going to start by posting the six-pack articles I’ve got, and from there I’ll write individual reviews for movies and use those for the six-packs I put on

Any / all feedback is welcomed. I’m not a great reviewer, but I do take constructive criticism well and I’ll try to incorporate it into my future work. Just so long as you don’t say “just stop reviewing movies”.

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